Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

ARD, BBC, wer noch?: Medialer Schutz-Schirm für Neonazi Zschäpe

Hey, BBC World News: The Neonazi-Member Zschäpe is NOT a Survivor, as you told! She is (an) extant or remainer (ein Überbleibsel, ein Rest) of an east-german underground Neonazi-Trio!
The term "survivor" implicates that she was innocently threatend (by whom?) and luckily got away. The contrary is true! To denote the neonazi-criminal offender Zschäpe as a survivor is a slap in the face of all victims - for example my!
Bloody hell, BBC, you make common cause with neo-nazis, just like your big brother in germany, the ARD!